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Arion-networks: Solutions
         Fast and sure means of communication can give you the edge in today's cut-throat business environment. Over the years there has been all round development and phenomenal growth which has taken place in communication technologies.
        Today's communication is multimedia enabled - such as Voice, Data and Video communication. The widespread usage of computers for Automation, the concept of distributed databases and the use of internet for a variety of applications has placed additional demand on the communication networks. The enterprise networks are in transition.

        For today’s Enterprise customer, gaining a true competitive advantage from their network requires that enterprises reduce network complexity and bottlenecks, while providing better application and network response time.

        The immediate benefits of partnering with us to manage your connectivity requirements are:

       -   Cost savings and Value added services
       -   One Point Contact for all solutions
       -   Improved service by using an expert provider
       -   Freeing up of manager’s time to focus on core business
       -   Benefits of using a time tested and proven solutions
       -   Easing the need for capital expenditure

         Our solutions focus on scalability, lowering the Total Cost of Ownership, high availability and reliability.


Arion-networks Wireless Solutions

Arion-networks Campus Wifi

Arion-networks Hotspot solutions

Arion-networks Video Survellance

Arion-networks Firewall








 Wireless Solutions


Arion-networks : Point to point Wireless Solutios
Point to Point Wireless Solutions
     Point-to-Point Wireless Link is ideal for Goverment, Municipalities, operators and wireless ISPs that are deploying city hotzones. It can also be used for creating inter office or remote office connectivity.  These links can also be used as Long Range LAN Extenders, in IP Video Surveillance systems.
     A Point-to-Point Link can work as a broadband backbone for hotspots, outdoor coverage access points and DSL switches. Carriers will find the Point-to-Point Link attractive because it can be used to distribute fiber optic network capacity and acts as a broadband backbone for DSL switches and routers.
For creating such connections we recommend to use our 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz wireless Outdoor Point-to-Point Bridge Kit.
  • Dual Band 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz
  • Distance up to 50 Km
  • Speed up to 108Mb
  • Wi-Fi & WiMAX Standard,
  • MIMO antenna technology
  • NLOS & LOS Applications
  • WPA/WEP Encryption, MAC Binding for added security













Arion networks: Point to Multipoint Wireless Solutions  

Point to Multi Point Wireless Solutions

     A Point to MultiPoint topology wirelessly connects multiple locations together allowing them to share the same network resources, be it multiple office LANs, a High capacity Internet connection at central location or the Central Monitoring Unit of a apread out surveillance system. The bridge at the main, central location is called the root bridge or base station bridge and all data passing between the wireless clients or to the internet pass through this root bridge first.

     These Point to MultiPoint networks are used by Wireless Internet Service Providers(WISP), Large corporate between multiple buildings, College campuses, Distribution facilities, Public safety applications, Video surveillance systems and many others.....


  • Dual Band 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz
  • NLOS & LOS Applications
  • MIMO antenna technology
  • WiFi and WiMAX Standards
  • Available in clusters ranging from 60 degree coverage to 120 degree coverage
  • RADIUS and AAA supported
  • WPA/WEP Encryption, MAC Binding for added security


Click here to submit your query relating to Point to Point/ Point to MultiPoint Solutions and we will offer you the best solution for your requirements.













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Enterprise Networking


Campus / Building Wifi


Arion networks: Campus Wifi
Arion networks Campus Wifi Solution
     Ubiquitous Wi-Fi across an enterprise or campus is a very positive and exciting experience for students, faculty, staff and visitors to your institution.

Having instant access to email, the internet, and other IT services irrespective of location can dramatically change the way your constituents live, work, study, learn, and play. If wireless coverage is also converged with voice and video, the experience is even further enhanced.

And today, everyone who comes to your institution has experienced wireless access to the internet somewhere—at home or work, or in coffee houses, libraries, airports, or hotels.

     Arion Networks provides the educational institutions with the end-to-end solution from Design to Deployment, Secure User Authentication through SMS, Effective Bandwidth distribution, traffic management, Per User Log details & Billing, 24/7 back end support.

We provide turnkey, customized, industry standard and education-centric WiFi solutions for multiple verticals.

    Our Wi-Fi networks are ideal for:
  • Universities
  • B-Schools
  • Technological & Research Institutes
  • Engineering Colleges
  • International Schools
  • Businesses and corporate campuses
  • Government Bodies

    Solution Features:
  • Campus Wifi based on the Wireless IEEE 802.11n standards
  • High speed Wi-Fi coverage across the campus
  • Seem less connectivity with mobility between multiple access points
  • One SSID throughout Campus
  • RADIUS MAC authentication and centralized AAA
  • Easy network monitoring with user friendly NMS
  • Comprehensive graphs and alert notifications
  • DoT/TRAI Compliant
  • Internet Backhaul Independent - Works with DSL, cable, T1 etc
  • Zero Configuration - Reduces onsite configuration & setup time
  • Service Provider Neutrality - Can be deployed using any Internet service provider
  • Hacking-resistant and Secure Connectivity
  • Consistent Wi-Fi performance at range, Indoor and outdoor
  • Integration support with Campus E-learning tools
  • Aesthetic set-up
  • Brandable login splash pages
  • User friendly guest registration
  • Easy Integration of WIFI by simply plugging a power outlet portables in areas as cafeterias, auditoriums, Conference Halls, and Lecture halls
  • Multiple networks for Students, Teachers and Admnistrators
  • Complete end to end turnkey solutions from design to implementation to 24/7 support services
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Hotspot Solution


Arion networks: Hotspot Solutions
     Hotspot is a way to authorize users to access network resources and can be a source of revenue in many commercial establishments. To log in, users may use almost any web browser (either HTTP or HTTPS protocol), so they are not required to install additional software. The gateway accounts the uptime and amount of traffic each client have used, and also can send this information to a RADIUS server. The HotSpot system may limit each particular user's bitrate, total amount of traffic, uptime and some other parameters.
     The Hotspot System is targeted to provide authentication within a local network (For the local network users to access the internet), but may as well be used to authorize access from outer networks to access local resources (like an authentication gateway for the outside world to access your network). It is possible to allow users to access soe web pages without authentication using Walled Garden fearture.
     Hotspot are often fount at restaurant, train stations, airports, libraries, hotels, hospitals, coffee shops, bookstores, fuel stations, department stores, supermarkets, campgrounds, cyber cafes and other public places.
     We offer both Managed Hotspot Solutions as well as Self Managed (Standalone) Solutions depending on your requirements.
Managed Solution: We have developed a managed Hotspot solution wherein we operate and maintain the hotspot for you on a revenue sharing model. You can still set your own tariff plans based on usage and time quota.
Standalone Solution: it gives you the benefit of setting your own tariffs, issuing your own prepaid vouchers and retaining all revenue generated from user sales. A simple one time installation and setup fee will get your business up and running. Management of the Hotspot is simple and prepaid coupons can be issued via printed vouchers or printed directly from a PC.
     The solution gives you an option to customize your "Home Page", providing you the ability to advertize your business. You can display your own company website or use the internal web server built in. So if you are a cafe, you can configure your food menu to pop up in a window every 10 minutes!
  • One time setup and installation fees
  • Set your own tariff rates for visitors and clients
  • Retain ALL revenue from users
  • Credit card payment function can be incorporated
  • Customizable "Home Page" to advertise your business
  • Setup Multiple locations with add on controllers


Feel like setting up your own HotSpot? click here to post your requirement and we will get in touch with you for a customized setup.

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Arion networks Surveillance 
      Video surveillance solutions are becoming more popular and, most importantly, more accessible to the average person. Huge store chains and gated communities aren't the only places that can afford the benefits of Security systems anymore. They are available for your home or office needs, no matter how simple or elaborate a setup you require.
     Surveillance cameras are extremely helpful in protecting your home or office environment. You can check up on your baby or employers, make sure nothing suspecious happens at your home while you’re away, monitor the children from another part of the house, and make sure nothing strange is going on in the office parking lot when you leave after dark.
     From a single camera and monitor to complex video surveillance systems with hundreds of security cameras, multiple operators, and digital recorders, Video surveillance systems can provide security for a wide range of businesses.

      A good video surveillance system can make your business safer, more efficient, and less prone to theft and accidents. Specifically, video surveillance can provide many benefits:
  • reduce shrinkage by catching shoplifters
  • deter potential thieves
  • monitor cash registers
  • record evidence to prevent bogus accident claims
  • identify visitors and employees
  • monitor hazardous work areas
  • increase security in and around business premises and parking lots
  • meet insurance requirements


There are a wide variety of surveillance systems available ranging from analogue to IP based, from wired cameras to wireless cameras, from small spy cameras to Speed dome cameras, etc.

Night Vision Cameras:

     A night vision security camera provides clear images no matter what kind of lighting conditions it’s placed in.
     You can use a night vision security camera in any darkened area, such as a garage. How many times have your kids left the garage opened all day? Usually that’s harmless, but on occasion small animals or neighborhood pets can crawl into the garage. With a night vision camera, you can check out these darkened spaces and eliminate any unwanted surprises.

Infra red Cameras:
     A regular camera can become an infrared camera with the use of infrared illuminators. The illuminator lights the area under surveillance with infrared light so that that your regular camera can record black and white images with the use of infrared radiation, which the naked eye cannot see.
     Do not confuse an infrared camera with a day/night camera. Day/night cameras can record in low light, but not in zero light and do not use infrared lighting.
     Infrared cameras are also available in a CCTV camera system. You may already be considering a closed circuit television security system because of its superior security options, as it constantly monitors and records activity. Consider a CCTV infrared camera in order to get a high level of night time security, the time when it matters most.
Wireless Cameras:
     Wireless security cameras are fast becoming the best option for security camera installation. Whereas once wired cameras were the only option, wireless security cameras present new options for your security needs. Your security matters and you deserve flexibility in the installation and use of your security camera.

Here is a quick review of the main advantages wireless security cameras have over wired:
  • Improved flexibility – A wireless camera can be moved to different locations while a wired camera is difficult to move once it is installed.
  • Temporary setup – The cost effectiveness of a wireless camera makes it ideal for a security situation that does not need constant monitoring, like a seasonal location such as a pool.
  • Appearance – If you want a security camera in your home, office, or store, a wireless camera, as the name suggests, gives you the security without all the wires running around your home for an inconspicuous and more attractive appearance.
Click here for more information on wireless video surveillance solution.
IP Cameras:
      IP cameras stream live video via digital packets across an internet protocol network such as a LAN (Local Area Network) or the Internet. This means your video streams can be accessed remotely, including via smartphones, and stored remotely giving you increased flexibility. It is a powerful device, sending digital video signals directly through an Internet network allowing for quick and simple remote access, digital storage and much more. It is the next generation of video surveillance, past the traditional CCTV systems.

     IP Cameras are an integral part of the newest generation of security and surveillance equipment. They are also referred to as network cameras and internet cameras. While in the past surveillance cameras ran on an analog CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) system, an IP camera provides digital imaging and built in networking hardware to provide easy remote and on site use.

     At the base of it, an IP camera works just as any normal security camera does. It takes streaming video (and depending on the camera, audio as well), allowing you to keep watch over your home or place of business. The major difference between an IP camera and a CCTV camera is how it delivers the video.

     The IP in IP camera stands for Internet Protocol (Just like in an IP address). It is called an IP camera because video taken by the camera is digitized, compressed and then routed through an IP network. It is similar in some ways to a webcam, but it is much more than that. For a webcam to be operational over a network it must be plugged into a computer with Internet access. IP cameras have built in web servers that allow for direct network access from the camera.

Benefits of an IP Camera:
  • The first of these is their network access capabilities: most of these cameras come with built in browser software that allows for remote access and control of the camera. As long as you can access the camera network, no matter where in the world you are, you can access live feeds as well as control settings. Some IP cameras can even be controlled through network accessible cell phones and PDAs.
  • Because an IP camera sends a digitized signal it allows for easy saving and storage. No more bulky tapes sitting around: all your video is stored neatly on a computer over the network. Search functions also allow for fast and easy retrieval of stored video data from your security IP cameras.
  • In addition, some IP cameras also include analog ports, meaning you can receive both analog and digital video feeds to get the best of both worlds. Even for cameras without this built-in capability, there are many network tools which can be used to send out an analog feed as well as the basic digital feed.
Your home, your office, your store, your family -- these are just four reasons why you would want to purchase a video security solution. If you put your time, energy, and resources into these, why not take the extra step and insure what matters most to you?
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 Arion Networks : Firewall Solutions
      The Internet is a volatile and unsafe environment when viewed from a computer-security perspective, therefore "firewall" is an excellent metaphor for network security.
     Traditionally, a firewall has been a dedicated piece of hardware meant to allow two networks to communicate in a limited way. A typical setup is to allow users behind the firewall to access web pages and email without allowing users on the outside to access any computers on the internal network. In recent years, software firewalls have come into use, and they pose a cost effective solution for many users, such as those with home or small office broadband networks.
     Enterprises today need to defend corporate resources, prevent data theft, securely connect users, enforce acceptable use, and prevent network attacks, all while having visibility into what is happening.
Standard firewall capabilities:
  • Packet filtering, network address translation (NAT), stateful protocol inspection, Virtual Private Networking,
  • Integrated Network Intrusion Prevention (IPS)
  • Application Awareness and Control
  • Real-time and historical visibility into user, network, and security activity.
At Arion networks we focus on understanding the client's network security requirements first, based on  which we have both software and hardware firewall solutions which range from properitory solutions by brands like Cyberoam, MikroTik and Watchguard.
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